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Board of Elections - County Maps & Polling Places

  1. Cayuga Legislative District (GIF)

  2. Auburn Legislative District (GIF)

Emergency Management

  1. Emergency Management Partners

Hazard Mitigation Information

  1. National Weather Service

HEALing in the News

  1. Monika Salvage: Cayuga County uses data to reduce overdoses and launches public dashboard (5/2023)

  2. Lauren Walsh: County announces plans for opioid settlement funds (3/2023)

  3. Citizen: Cayuga County officials: Suicide, mental health stats show need is still high (3/2023)

  4. Citizen: Cayuga County overdoses down last year (3/2023)

  5. Monika Salvage: County secures $1M grant for substance use treatment (2/2023)

  6. Monika Salvage: Why you should talk to your child about substance use (11/2022)

  7. Ashley Moench: Finding meaning in suffering (9/2022)

  8. Monika Salvage: The different faces behind overdoses (8/2022)

  9. Monika Salvage: Sustaining the HEALing Communities Study's impact (7/2022)

  10. Monika Salvage: The importance of Narcan in times of fentanyl (5/2022)

  11. Kelly Rocheleau: Cayuga County opioid addiction study details needs, accomplishments

  12. Monika Salvage & Theresa Humennyj: Cayuga Crisis Line expanding to substance use calls (4/2022)

  13. Monika Salvage: Changing how we talk about addiction (3/2022)

  14. Monika Salvage: Common misconceptions about addiction (3/2022)

  15. David Wilcox: The perfect storm (2/2022)

  16. Monika Salvage: 2 years of HEALing work in Cayuga County (2/2022)

  17. Monika Salvage: No one is disposable (1/2022)

  18. Monika Salvage: A recovery journey is filled with challenges

  19. Monika Salvage: Shifting the focus from opioids to all substances

  20. Monika Salvage: We must not become numb to overdoses

  21. Jerimy Blowers: Understanding addiction behaviors

  22. Cayuga County's participation in opioid addiction study helping during COVID-19

  23. Monika Salvage: People suffering from opioid use disorder deserve the best medical care

  24. Kevin Ergil: Combating drug abuse with harm reduction

  25. Jerimy Blowers: Stigma remains major barrier to addiction treatment

  26. Monika Salvage: Healing Cayuga County, one person at a time

  27. HEALing Communities Steering Committee Ready to Get to Work

  28. Press Release HEALing Communities Opioid Study in Cayuga County

  29. Cayuga County participates in study to help curb opioid overdose deaths

HEALing in the News - Narcan

  1. Monika Salvage: Introducing Cayuga County's first harm reduction kiosk (2023-12)

  2. PBS Newshour: Wider access to Narcan helps rural communities fight overdose deaths (4/2023)

  3. ABC News: Overdose survivor trains Auburn community on using Narcan (4/2023)

  4. CBS News: Healing Cayuga successfully fights back against opioid overdoses with Narcan trainings (4/2023)

  5. Julia Wilson: A teenager's account of using Narcan to save a life (12/2022)

  6. Monika Salvage: The importance of Narcan in times of fentanyl (5/2022)

  7. Monika Salvage: Expanding public access to Narcan through red boxes

  8. Monika Salvage: Overdose witnesses are saving lives with Narcan in Cayuga County

  9. Free Narcan training to be held in Cato (11/2022)

  10. 6/4/22: Narcan trainings in 6 locations - The importance of Narcan in times of fentanyl

  11. 7/31/21: Narcan event at Dunkin in Auburn

  12. 6/19/21: Narcan event at Dunkin in Auburn

  13. News Channel 9 interview: Opioid overdoses on the rise in Cayuga County

  14. 5/28/21: Narcan event in Fair Haven

  15. May 2021: Narcan distribution events planned in Auburn

  16. Amid increase in overdoses, Narcan community distribution events to be held in Auburn

  17. Auburn Narcan distribution events taking place today, tomorrow

  18. Cayuga County joins ‘I am a first responder too’ campaign to combat overdose deaths

  19. Press Release Narcan community distribution events planned before holiday weekend

  20. Local study looking to solve opioid epidemic in Cayuga County

  21. Cayuga County joins national Narcan marketing campaign aimed at COVID-19 challenges

  22. Cayuga County Joins National Narcan Program

  23. HEALing Communities Study Offers Narcan Training

  24. JoLynn Mulholland: You can save lives with Narcan

  25. News Channel 9 interview: Opioid overdoses on the rise in Cayuga County

Health Department - Bicycling - Resources for Children

  1. Bicycle Safety Activity Kit

  2. Kids and Bicycle Safety

  3. Safe Kids - Biking

Health Department - Bicycling - Resources for Families

  1. Tips for Family Bike Safety

  2. Family on Bikes

  3. Bicycle and Wheel Sport Safety

Health Department - Children's Camps - Certifications

  1. Required Certifications

  2. American Red Cross Course Listing

Health Department - Children's Camps - Safety Plans

  1. Written Plan Checklist (PDF)

  2. Children's Camp Safety Plan Templates

Health Department - For Pedestrians

  1. New York State Governor's Traffic Safety Committee

Health Department - Mold

  1. New York State Department of Health_Mold

Health Department - Tanning Facilities

  1. CE-200 Form

  2. Tanning Code

  3. Indoor Tanning Brochure (PDF)

Health Insurance Advisory Committee

  1. Advisory Committee Operating Guidelines (PDF)

Health Insurance Consortium Board of Directors

  1. Municipal Cooperative Agreement - Health Insurance (2012) (PDF)

New York State Agricultural Statistics

  1. 2012 Census of Agriculture County Level Data

Office of the Aging - Long-Term Care Insurance

  1. Plan Ahead NY

  2. Long Term Care Insurance For Federal Employees

Towns & Villages - Mentz - Lock 52 Historical Society

  1. Walking Tour Guide to Historic Port Byron

  2. Lock 52 Historical Society Facebook Page

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