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Civil Service

  1. Advertising (Job Posting) Request

    Use this form to request HR/Civil Service post a vacancy

  2. Canvass Request

    Use to request a eligible list

  3. Civil Service Computer User Update and Affirmation

    Appointing Authorities use this form to request activation/deactivation of the Civil Service computer (eGov)

  4. Declination

    Used for CANDIDATE to decline position offered from eligible list

  5. New Position Duties Statement (NPDS) Long Form

    Use to request position(s) in a title is not established within your jurisdiction

  6. Probation Period Evaluation Report

    Use this form to evaluate employee performance during Civil Service probationary period

  1. Authorization to Create/Fill

    Use this form to create and fill a new position within a county department

  2. Change of Contact Information (Civil Service Candidates)

    Use to update name, address, phone number, or e-mail with Cayuga County Civil Service.

  3. Cross-Filing Form

    Use to notify Cayuga County when taking exams in multiple jurisdictions

  4. Exempt Classification Review Form

    Submit when an exempt position has been vacated as certification the job description and title have not and will not change since... More…

  5. New Position Duties Statement (NPDS) Short Form

    Use to request additional position(s) in a title already established within your jurisdiction

  6. Typing Waiver

    Use this form to request a typing performance waiver