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Election Inspector Questionnaire General Election

  1. Have you been an election worker before?
  2. Inspectors are required to attend an annual training session. Inspectors will be paid $25 for the training
  3. I am available for training (please check all that apply)
  4. Week DAY mornings
  5. Week DAY afternoons
  6. Week DAY evenings
  7. Week ENDS
  8. I am interested in working during Early Voting.
  9. Please select the Early Voting location(s) you would prefer:
  10. Cato Town Hall
  11. City of Auburn
  12. Moravia Town Hall
  13. Please choose all of the days you are willing to work during Early Voting. All shifts are 9 hours long and pay $135 per day.
  14. Saturday, October 29th
  15. Sunday, October 30th
  16. Monday, October 31st
  17. Tuesday, November 1st
  18. Wednesday, November 2nd
  19. Thursday, November 3rd
  20. Friday, November 4th
  21. Saturday, November 5th
  22. Sunday, November 6th
  23. I would like to work the 2022 General Election (FULL DAY $255) November 8th (5am to 10pm)
  24. I would like to work the 2022 General Election (HALF DAY $127.50) November 8th
  25. Are you willing to work any pollsite?
  26. Political Party Affiliation
  27. Our office will contact you if you are selected to serve. Thank you!
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