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What does the 911 Center expect from me when I place a 911 call?

We know that for many, calling 911 is not an every day event. You may be nervous about calling and about the situation you are calling for. We request that you try to remain as calm as possible. While we may be able to get the location of the emergency, we still need to be able to determine what the emergency is to ensure the appropriate response.

Things to Remember

  • We do not want to send a police car for someone having a medical emergency.
  • We would like for you to stay on the line until we tell you it is ok to hang up.
  • We would like for you to answer the questions that we are asking.
  • Asking you questions is not delaying Emergency Response in any way but in fact is helping us to determine the appropriate response.
  • We know how to do what is required and it is a waste of time for us to hear over and over, "Just send someone."
  • We need to know what is going on to make the appropriate determination on whom to send.

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