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My child received an appearance ticket. What do I do?

If your child has been issued an appearance ticket by an arresting agency in Cayuga County (Auburn Police Department, Cayuga County Sheriff's Office, or New York State Police), this department will also get a copy of the appearance ticket. 

Please follow the instructions on the appearance ticket. If it says to await contact by the Probation Department, but it feels like it's too long and you haven't heard from us, you may call our main number at 315-253-1246 and ask to speak with the Juvenile Probation Officer, or in their stead, the Juvenile Probation Officer Supervisor. *If your address, phone number, or custodial guardian of the child changes in the meantime, please contact the Probation Department immediately to keep us up to date.

Please note that it is not uncommon for a week or two to pass between when your child receives the appearance ticket and when we receive our copy and are able to open a case in our system. 

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