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How do I pay Restitution?

You may pay in person, online, or via telephone.

When paying in person, acceptable forms of payment are cash (exact amount ONLY), money order, cashier's/bank check, and credit/debit cards. Personal checks are NOT accepted. Individuals making payment via credit/debit card must present photo identification which matches the name on the credit/debit card being offered for payment.

Restitution payments may also be made via Government Payment Services (now called AllPaid) by visiting the GovPayNow page or by calling 888-604-7888.

Individuals paying online or via telephone will need to provide their first and last name, date of birth, credit/debit card information, and the Pay Location Code (a000ox).

Government Payments Services/AllPaid charges a service fee for debit and credit card payments made through any of their access points.

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