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Where can lead be found?

Homes Built Before 1978
     Many homes built before 1978 contain lead-based paint. Lead paint is dangerous when it:

  • Gets old and begins to chip, flake or wear;
  • Creates a lead-dust hazard;
  • Contaminates exposed soil.


Work or Hobbies
     Lead can also be brought home by family members who work with lead or have hobbies where lead is used in:

  • Home renovations or working with stained glass, ceramics, jewelry, auto repair, battery manufacturing, or firearms (bullets, projectiles, firing ranges).

Everyday Products
Many products, especially items that are imported from other countries, may contain lead. Some examples are:

  • Traditional Ceramics
  • Traditional Makeup (Kohl, Surma)
  • Jewelry (Especially children's jewelry)
  • Folk Remedies (Azarcon, Sindoor and Greta)
  • Toys, such as those imported from other countries, purchased at antique or dollar shops, collectables passed down through generations.

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