Board of Elections

Board of Elections

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Board of Elections is required by the state to maintain usual business hours (8-4). We are, however, minimally staffed during this time. Any form that a candidate or a voter might need is available on our website. Persons lacking the ability to print forms can call our office at 315-253-1285 and forms will be mailed. If you need to personally visit our office we request that you call ahead.

The April 28th Democratic Presidential Primary and the NY Senate Special Election have been postponed until June 23rd. Voters who are concerned about the voting process given the impact of the corona virus can download an Absentee Ballot Application. You can print the form, fill it out and mail it to our office. We will mail you a ballot with instructions on returning it properly to the Board. If you have no ability to print the form, call our office at 315-253-1285 and request that we mail an application to you. You can also email us to request an application.

Voting absentee will have several benefits. First, you avoid any contact with other voters or contact with the pens or other materials used by multiple voters on Election Day. And if enough people vote by Absentee Ballot we will have fewer voters on Election Day, easing the problem of “crowding” at the polls. This protects the voter and our poll workers. There will be some later changes to polling locations.

As voting rules or dates change we will adjust our operations to protect your right to vote. Our office location is minimally staffed and available by appointment. Any form or information a candidate or voter might need can be found online on our website. Our phones will be monitored regularly and requests will be answered. Changes will be posted here on our website as determined by needed reaction to Governor’s orders or county-wide decisions.

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