911 Center

E-911 Center

Cayuga County E-911 is continuing efforts to support the public 24/7 during this crisis. For the health and safety of our responders we have amended our call-taking procedures to include COVID-19 related questions. These questions include but may not be limited to, ‘Have you traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days’ ‘Have you knowingly been exposed to someone who has been exposed to COVID-19’ ‘Are you or is anyone in your home having flu-like symptoms.’ In the case of law enforcement related issues, based on the answers to these questions, you may receive a phone call prior to the arrival of a uniformed officer. 

The 911 Center is locked down to 911 staff only. Staff was split into teams of two and are operating from both our Primary and Backup E-911 Centers as a measure to reduce cross-contamination. Regardless of the situation, Cayuga County staff continues to fulfill the duties of the mission of the Cayuga County E-911 Center.

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