How can I obtain a handgun safety certificate?


Handgun safety is a primary concern of the Sheriff’s Office in screening prospective applicants and a handgun safety course is required prior to application processing.  ONLY a certificate issued by any of the Certified Instructors listed below will be accepted. 

16 Hour Approved Concealed Carry Course

    Matt Mallory: 315-567-9268 ~

    Firearms Training of WNY: James Emmick ~ ~ 716-903-2558

    On Target Firearms: Brian Bannerman ~ 585-545-4988     


    Buck Stephens: 800-506-6994 ~

    Rochester Personal Defense, LLC: David Jenkins ~ 585-406-6758 ~

    Concealed Coalition:  800-805-2238 ~ ~

4 Hour Approved Basic Course

    Chauncey Bennett dba CCB Training: 607-345-0054 ~

    CNY Police Academy (OCC): 315-498-6046 ~

    Kevin Dix: 315-695-1209 or 315-592-8724

    Stephen Morgan: 607-351-8666 ~ or

    JD Sporting: John Drapikowski ~ 315-727-7534 ~

    Laura Purdy: ~ 315-857-8465

**Any individual who seeks to obtain a concealed carry license for a pistol or revolver will be required to take the 16-hour classroom and 2-hour live-fire firearm safety training course. This will be required for concealed carry licenses issued on or after September 1, 2022.

Local licensing officers have the discretion to determine whether a portion or all of the firearms training requirement is satisfied for those applicants who completed a firearm safety course in the previous 5 years prior to September 1, 2022**


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