Transportation Program



What is the VETVAN?
The VETVAN is a small bus operated by the Cayuga County Veterans Service, which provides transportation service for veterans of Cayuga County to and from the V. A. Medical Center, Syracuse for medical appointments. The VETVAN seats 12 and holds 2 wheelchairs. It is equipped with a wheelchair lift.
Who is eligible?
Cayuga County Veterans are entitled to VETVAN service. Family members or aides are also permitted to ride along to assist the veteran if space is available. Priority will be given to veterans.
Where will I be picked up?
Veterans will be picked up and returned to their residence.
How do I get vetvan service?
You can make reservations 24 hours to 30 days in advance by calling the Veterans Office at: (315) 253-1281. All appointments must be made through the Veterans Office. Do not call the driver or depend on the driver to put you on the schedule.
What hour is the vetvan available?
Since it is a group service, please make your appointments between 8:30 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. The vetvan runs Monday thru Thursday. No transportation on Friday or County Holidays.
How much does it cost?
There is no charge for the service. It is provided to our veterans by the Cayuga County Legislature.
When will I be picked up?
The driver will call the evening before your appointment with an approximate pick-up time. Because we have many patients to pick up, please be ready fifteen minutes before the scheduled time in case the van is early. The van will not be able to wait for passengers. Pick-up time is only an estimate. Please be patient and you will be picked up. If for some reason the van service is cancelled, you will be called. Riders needing help from their home to the vetvan must be responsible for providing a capable person to assist the veteran. Drivers can help veterans on and off the vetvan but are not required to do lifting that would be a risk to either the driver or the veteran.
What other information should I know about the vetvan?
For your safety, all veterans will be required to use seat belts. For health reasons, no smoking is permitted on the vetvan. Help us keep your vetvan clean, please throw all trash in the basket provided. The vetvan returns after all the appointments are completed.


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