Treasurers Office

Treasurers Office

The Cayuga County Treasurer is an elected official within the county government of Cayuga County, NY.  The staff of the Cayuga County Treasurer's Office is actively  involved in the daily financial activities involved with the operation of theCayuga County government.
Extensive records are accurately kept which makes the Cayuga County Treasurer's Office a small but essential part of Cayuga County Government operations.
The Cayuga County Treasurer's Office undertakes activities primarily in the following categories

Administration of New York State Regulations pursuant to the Treasurer Office Activities

Collection of 2nd Installment Town & County Taxes, Delinquent Town & County Taxes, and Delinquent City School Taxes 

Information and Service to Agencies and the Public

Real Property Tax Foreclosures

Inventory of County Government Assets

Monitor the Collection of the County Share of Sales Tax

Collection of Room Occupancy Taxes

County Government Payroll

 Application for Certificate of Residence for Community Colleges


Contacting Us

Cayuga County, NY
Treasurer's Office

County Office Bldg., 5th Floor
160 Genesee Street
Auburn, NY  13021
Phone: (315) 253-1211


Office Hours:

Jan 1st - June 30th, Sept 1 - Dec 31st

Mon–Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm

July 1st - August 31st

Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm