County Office Building Hours

Court House, 3rd Floor

152-154 Genesee Street
Auburn, New York 13021

Phone (315) 253-1246

Fax (315) 253-1417

Director Jay DeWispelaere


Special Services and Contact Information:

Transfers Outside of New York State and Investigations: Probation Supervisor Kelly Murphy, 315-253-1422

Transfers Inside New York State and Adult & Juvenile Supervision: Probation Supervisor John Madden, 315-253-1419

Employment Liaison: Probation Officer Angela Criazzo, 315-253-1408

Sex Offender Supervision: Sr. Probation Officer Michael Farrell, 315-253-1528

Domestic Violence Liaison: Sr. Probation Officer Joanna LoBisco, 315-253-1014

Drug Court Liaisons:

     Felony Drug Court: Sr. Probation Officer Michele Taylor, 315-253-1586

     Misdemeanor Drug Court: Probation Officer Kim Marshall, 315-253-7550

Restitution: Accounts Clerk, Cassandra Fedyshyn, 315-294-8115

Cayuga County Probation Department

Mission Statement

The Cayuga County Probation Department’s Mission is to provide three essential services; preparation of Court ordered investigations, supervision of defendant's sentenced to probation and intake services for Juvenile Delinquents, Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS) and Family Offense orders of protection.

In pursuit of these services, Probation has a role in enhancing community safety and reducing recidivism.  We seek to aid those under our supervision to return to being productive members of our community by helping them to address goals related to Mental Health, Substance Abuse, education, job skills, family or parenting skills, or other issues identified cooperatively by the Probation Officer and the defendant.  These goals are achieved under the supervision of the sentencing Court.  Probation is a cost effective alternative to incarceration, which holds offenders accountable for their actions and seeks to make victims whole through the collection of Restitution or other remediation measures. 

Mandated Services

The Probation Department provides a multitude of state-mandated services. Pursuant to the New York State Executive Law, Article 12-A, Section 256, each County shall “maintain a probation agency to perform probation services therein, including intake, investigation, presentence reports, supervision, conciliation, social treatment and other substitute functions as are assigned to probation agencies pursuant to law.”

The functions of intake, investigation and supervision are performed under the oversight of the New York State Office of Probation & Correctional Alternatives. Probation Officers and other staff work from the main office located on the third floor of the annex of the Cayuga County Courthouse and conduct extensive field work throughout Cayuga County and the City of Auburn.

There are also 4 satellite reporting stations located in strategic parts of the County to give the opportunity to individuals sentenced to probation who lack transportation to meet their reporting requirements. These offices have been established in Moravia Village Court, Genoa Town Court, Sterling Town Court, and Brutus Town Court.

All Probation Officers are trained to provide all mandated services to the Courts. Probation Officers are Peace Officers pursuant to New York State Law. The Probation Department consists of the Probation Director, Probation Supervisor, 4 Senior Probation Officers, 4 Probation Officers and 5 Clerical Staff.

Please be advised

Currently, the Probation Department is open for Fall/Winter hours, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. 

The Probation Department is CLOSED for observation of holidays on the following dates in 2018; Monday, February 19th; Friday, March 30th;  Monday, May 28th; Wednesday, July 4th; Monday, September 3rd; Monday, October 8th; Monday, November 12th; Thursday and Friday, November 22nd and 23rd; Tuesday, December 25th.

     The Cayuga County Court House will be closed on the following dates; Monday, February 12th and Tuesday, November 6th.  Anyone needing access to the 

     Probation Department please call the front desk, 315-253-1246. 

If there are any questions regarding the information above, please contact your Probation Officer, or feel free to contact the Cayuga County Probation Department at 315-253-1246.

Restitution Payments;

     Restitution payments are accepted at the Probation Department during posted business hours

    The Probation Department only accepts payment for Court ordered Restitution and Designated Surcharges.   

     Payments should be made no later than 15 minutes before the end of the business day (3:45 pm during summer hours, 4:45 pm during fall/winter hours)

     Acceptable forms of payment are cash (exact amount please, change is not available), money order or cashier's check, credit or debit cards.  

     Personal checks are not accepted

     The Probation Department now accepts payment for restitution via debit or credit card.

     Individuals making payment via debit or credit card must present photo identification which matches the name on the debit or credit card offered for payment. 

     Restitution payments may also be made via Government Payment Services by;

          Using the GovPayNet link below

         Accessing on line

        Or by calling 1-888-604-7888

         Pay Location Code (PLC); a000ox

         Individuals paying by the above methods will need to provide; their first name, last name, date of birth, a debit or credit card information and Pay Location Code. 

         Government Payments Services charges a service fee for debit and credit card payments made through any of their access points.  

Gov Pay