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Propane Tank Recycling

Propane Recycling Options

Remember that a full or nearly full propane cylinder is a fire hazard. If you are going to save your cylinder for Cayuga County's next collection event, we recommend that you use as much of the propane as possible before storing the cylinder.

Finger Lakes Recycling and CEMCO will recycle propane tanks (This information is provided as a service and is not an endorsement by Cayuga County):

  • Finger Lakes Recycling

    Finger Lakes Recycling accepts grill sized propane tanks for free.

    2810 Trombley Road, Weedsport, NY 13166
    315-834-6212 or 315-406-5601


    For a small fee, CEMCO will accept propane tanks of all sizes for recycling. They will also accept propane tanks from businesses, municipalities and schools.

    130 York St., Auburn, NY 13021
    Phone (315)253-2886

For free or a small fee, many retail stores (Walmart, Lowe's, Agway, etc.) that provide propane cylinder refills will trade your obsolete cylinder for a filled cylinder with an OPD.

Many gas stations (Kwik Fill, Fleming Pit Stop, etc.) that offer propane refilling may also take your cylinder for trade in.