A Partial List of Past Disasters in Cayuga County

Past Disasters
June 1905 Flood in Moravia severely damaged business district
Jul. 27, 1907 Steamship Frontenac fire south of Union Springs, 8 deaths
April 1916 Severe flooding along Cayuga Lake
1918 - 1919 Spanish Influenza, nearly 100 deaths in Cayuga County
1929 Riots at Auburn Prison with 11 deaths, 3 firefighters injured
Dec. 1931 Hislops fire in Auburn destroys a block of downtown, 1 firefighter killed
July 1935 Floods in Moravia & Locke
Mar. 30, 1960 Gasoline leak & explosion kills 5 in Auburn including 3 firefighters
Sep. 1960 17,000 gallon gasoline spill at Drake Oil in Auburn
May 1966 8,500 gallon gasoline spill at Sinclar bulk terminal in Auburn
1960's Dutch Elm Disease kills thousands of trees in City and Villages
June 1972 Tropical Storm Agnes. Auburn's Mill Street dam washes out, Owasco Lake dam weakened, Cayuga Lake rises 1.25 feet higher than 1916 level
Apr. 10, 1975 Gasoline tanker crashes in Locke, fire destroys 11 buildings
Sep. 1975 Hurricane Eloise causes severe damage in Moravia and Locke
Sep. 11, 1977 10,000 gallon gasoline spill at Agway in Auburn
Feb. 1979 Ice Jam in Port Byron evacuates homes and closes schools
Oct. 1981 Flooding in Moravia and Locke "worse than Agnes or Eloise"
1980's Radiation incident at Austeel (dental scrap)
Mar. 1993 Blizzard followed by lake and river flooding in April
Nov. 1993 Dunn & McCarthy fire in Auburn.
Jan. 1994 Ice jam flooding in Port Byron evacuates homes and closes schools.
Jan. 1996 County-wide flooding with 1 death (MVA). Federally declared disaster DR-1095.
Nov. 1996 Street flooding in Moravia and Locke (Fed. declared disaster in Tompkins).
Sum. 1998 Tornado(s) in Niles and Moravia (Fed. declared disaster elsewhere).
Sept. 1998 Labor Day storm. Federally declared disaster DR-1244.
Aug. 1999 Genoa issues emergency water restrictions, USDA declared drought (#0329).
June 2000 Road flooding in King Ferry (Fed. declared disaster elsewhere).
May 2002 Road flooding in Union Springs and Meridian.
Feb. 2003 Landslide along Seneca River near Cross Lake in Town of Cato.
Apr. 2003 Ice storm, 3 deaths in Cayuga County. Federally declared disaster DR-1467.
Aug. 23, 2003 NE blackout. Federally declared emergency EM-3186.
Jan. 2004 Snow emergency declared, EM-3195.
April 2005 Flooding triggered by snow melt and rain, Federally declared disaster DR-1589.

Compiled in May 2003 for Cayuga County's HAZNY workshop and updated in April 2012. These events were generally severe enough to trigger County emergency response and/or overwhelmed normal mutual-aid arrangements. If anyone has an event to add, please contact Bruce Natale at 315-253-1203.