Cayuga County Past Hazard Mitigation Projects

Bruce R. Natale, P.E., Flood Hazard Mitigation Engineer

Completed Hazard Mitigation Projects: 

Federal Disaster Applicant Project Description Funding Source(s)
Jan. 1996 Genoa Weeks Road, added third culvert FEMA, damaged site upgrade
Jan. 1996 Summerhill Fillmore Gulf Road, piped 6oo feet FEMA, damaged site upgrade
Jan. 1996 Genoa Berm to protect water supply FEMA, Haz Mit grant
Jan. 1996 SWCD Removed RR pier in Port Byron FEMA, Haz Mit grant
Jan. 1996 SWCD Locke & Moravia rip rap plus drainage improvements FEMA, Haz Mit grant
Jan. 1996 Moravia (T) Storm water pond (archeology) FEMA, Haz Mit grant
Sept. 1998 County Green Street Bridge in Port Byron HUD DRI grant
Sept. 1998 County Moravia (T) storm water pond HUD DRI grant
Apr. 2003 Mentz Sperry Road rip rap FEMA, damaged site upgrade
Apr. 2005 Mentz Mill Street bridge in Port Byron FEMA, damaged site upgrade

The Cayuga County Flood Hazard Mitigation Engineer and the Planning Department have handled funding, permitting and engineering for the following hazard mitigation projects:

  1. Green Street Bridge
    Port Byron, NY, 2001-2003
    Clear Span Bridge Replacement, HUD DRI Grant

    Green Street Bridge Before Green Street Bridge After

  2. Mill Street Bridge
    Port Byron, 2005-2006
    Clear Span Bridge Replacement, 406 Mitigation Project

    Mill Street Bridge Before Mill Street Bridge After

  3. Removal of Railroad Pier in Owasco Outlet
    Port Byron, 1996-1998, 404 Mitigation Project

  1. Berm to Protect Water Supply
    Genoa, NY, 1996-99 404 Mitigation Project

    Genoa Water Supply

  2. Drainage Channel and Culvert Enlargement to stop school flooding
    Moravia, NY, 1996-1999 404 Mitigation Project

    Moravia High School Flooding

  3. Stormwater Retention Pond
    Moravia, NY, 1996-2002 404 Mitigation and HUD DRI Project

    Stormwater Retention Pond

  1. Asbestos and tank removals at CCIDA site, 2002.


  2. Petroleum Spill Clean-ups and Tank Removals
    Twelve tanks removed 2008-2011.

    Tank Removal

  3. Brownfield Cleanup in Meridian (gas station)

    Brownfield in Meridian

  1. Culvert Enlargements
    Weeks Road, Genoa, 1996 406 Mitigation Project

  2. Mineral Springs Riprap
    State Route 38, 1997 404 Mitigation Project

  3. Pine Hollow Creek Riprap
    State Route 90, 1997 404 Mitigation Project

  4. Fillmore Gulf Road
    Summerhill, 1996 406 Mitigation Project

  5. Sperry Road Riprap
    Mentz, 2003 406 Mitigation Project

    Sperry Road Project
  1. Clean Sweep 1996, 2002 and 2003
    Collected 134 drums of agricultural chemicals.

  2. Household Hazardous Waste Events from 1997-2011
    Collected 1758 drums of chemicals.

    Hazardous Waste Collection

  3. Electronic Collection Events from 2001-2011
    Collected 544,207 pounds of electronics

  4. Tire Collection Events from 2003-2012
    Collected 64,885 tires