Agricultural Districts

New York State law allows for the creation of districts within which unreasonable local regulation of farm practices and the construction of facilities that would encourage development are limited. The New York State Agricultural Districts law also provides for reduced property taxes for farmers by allowing assessment of farmland based on its agricultural production value rather than its development value.

Agricultural districts adopted by the county and certified by the state are periodically reviewed and re-certified in a process coordinated by the staff of the County Department of Planning and Economic Development.

Cayuga County Consolidated Agricultural District No. 5 Map

Agricultural District Review Frequently Asked Questions


Request to Add Agricultural Land into a Certified Agricultural District:

Agricultural Districts are intended to encourage the  continued use of farmland for agricultural production.  Enrollment of viable agricultural lands into a certified Agricultural District provides protection of accepted agricultural practices through New York State Agricultural Districts Law. Viable agricultural land is land highly suitable for or currently used for agricultural production. Property owners can request that their property be added to an Agricultural District in Cayuga County once a year between March 1st and March 30th by completing the Request to Add Agricultural Land into a Certified Agricultural District form. All forms must be received by March 30th!

Download the 2018 Inclusion form HERE


Please click the link below to obtain more information on the Agricultural Districts Program from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.