Day Care Services

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Day Care Services

Subsidized child care is available for certain eligible parents or caretakers to enable him/her them to work.


Day Care Funding is available for certain eligible populations, including:

Persons leaving Family Assistance as a result of employment (Transitional Day Care).
Employed individuals not receiving Family Assistance, but qualifying for aid on the basis of income (Low-Income Day Care).
Parents who have a temporary incapacity and who are expected to return to work within a short period of time (usually 30 days or less).
Parents required to be absent from the home due to an emergency situation.

Parent Fees
All individuals pay a portion of the child care expense to the child care provider. This payment is called the Parent Fee or Family Share, and will vary according to the family's income.

How to Apply
You may apply by calling (315) 253-1446 and request an application. The application process can be done entirely by mail. You may also stop by the Day Care Services office and pick up an application.

What to Expect
After you receive your application packet you will need to complete the forms included with it. The application for Day Care is a shortened application and should be fairly easy to complete. You may also need to provide ID; birth certificates; Social Security cards; divorce, separation, or custody papers; and verification of all income.

Once we get your returned application packet we will review it for completeness. If we need more information we will send you a letter telling you what we still need. After all the necessary paperwork is received we will make an eligibility decision within 30 days from your application date.

Hours of Operation

8:00-5:00 Daily, Second Floor, County Office Building