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Local Historical Organizations

Located Within
Cayuga County, New York

Be aware that many Local Historical Organizations  in Cayuga County, NY
may be able to help search your roots
or learn more about the rich history of the area.
- Check out their websites for more information -

Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society
Box 247, 14 West Cayuga Street
Moravia, NY13118

History & Heritage For TheTowns
In Southern Cayuga County, NY

CIVIC Heritage
PO Box 389
Cato, NY 13033

History & Heritage For The Towns of
Cato, Ira, Victory & Conquest NY

Frontenac Historical Society & Museum
State Route 90
Union Springs, NY13160

History & Heritage In The Area Near
Union Springs, NY

Howland Stone Store Museum
2956 State Route 34B
Hamlet of Sherwood, NY
Mailing Address: Box 124
Aurora, NY13021

The store was built in 1837 by Slocum Howland,
and now accommodates a library & museum.
He was a devoted Quaker,
antislavery advocate and local leader.

Lock 52 Historical Society of Port Byron, NY
73 Pine Street
Port Byron, NY 13140

History & Heritage In The Area Near
Port Byron, NY

Old Brutus Historical Society
8943 N. Seneca St.
Weedsport, NY13166

History & Heritage In The Area Near
Brutus & Weedsport, NY

Rural Life Museum & Genoa Historical Association
Route 34B; Genoa, NY
Mailing Address: PO Box 316; King Ferry, NY 13081
Veiw Some Genoa NY Historical Assn. Images
(Historical Images From The Genoa Rural Life Museum SmugMug Website)

History & Heritage In The Area Near
Genoa & King Ferry, NY

Sterling Historical Society & Museum
Route 104A
Sterling, NY13156
(315) 947-5666

arrowHistory & Heritage In The Area Near
Sterling & Fair Haven, NY