Employer Services

Employer Services


The Cayuga County Employment and Training Department can tailor class size training programs to teach vocational and occupational skills that your company, or groups of companies, requires of new employees. The employer is involved in all decisions relating to site selection, curriculum and instructional content as well as selecting the appropriate training materials that will meet your performance standards.

Your company will select from a pool of available candidates who have been screened to meet your specifications. We will provide continuous progress reports for each individual and provide the necessary counseling when required.

To obtain additional information on customized skills training that can assist your company, call 315-253-1590


The On-The-Job (OJT) Program operates on the premise that private sector employers make the best trainers. The OJT Program helps the employer defray some costs associated with the hiring and training of new workers, while providing the trainee with the most practical of learning experiences.

Employer Benefits

OJT offers pre-screened job applicants and helps cover some of the costs involved training new employees. The employer can be sure that employees are trained on company equipment, to company standards. This results in better quality products, better efficiency, better safety records and, of course, better performance , loyalty and satisfaction.

Training Selection

The employer decides who will be hired. The employer retains all employer rights. The employer has the benefit of trainee counseling assistance provided by the Employment & Training staff.

Length of Training

The length of training time allowed will depend on the skill level of the job, the needs of the employer, and the needs of the trainee. An Employment and Training Specialist will help the employer outline a training schedule and prepare a written job description for each occupation where training will be provided.

Employer Reimbursement

The employer will be reimbursed up to fifty percent of the participant's wages while in training.

Limited Paperwork

The employer is required to maintain normal payroll records and training records to be reviewed by Employment and Training staff.

Who May Apply for the OJT Program?

Any company may apply for the OJT Program if it can provide the following:

On-The-Job Training in a job of sufficient complexity to require a training period for eligible trainees.
Working hours equal to the standard work week of the company.
A pay rate meeting federal, state or union standards, as applicable.


Small companies may not have a full-time Human Resource Specialist available to plan, create and implement new job descriptions and training outlines for new employees.

The Cayuga County Employment and Training can assist your company in developing and writing up to date training outlines and new job descriptions to meet your future hiring requirements.


The Cayuga County Employment and Training Department designs programs ranging from basic skills to technical and advanced career training opportunities. Integrated with these training opportunities we provide employability skills, give job search workshops and emphasize work maturity job retention skills. Each individual is assessed for their educational and career interests before an individual service strategy is designed to meet workforce requirements. Throughout participation the Cayuga County Employment and Training Department provides child care and transportation assistance, and counseling to individuals so they can become productive workers for Cayuga County employers.

The individuals you hire from one of our programs will be qualified, trained, dependable and prepared to be an asset for your company.

For additional information call the Cayuga County Employment and Training Department at 315-253-1590 or Fax 315-253-1135.

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