Special Holiday Trash Schedule

Sunday, December 26th and Sunday, January 2nd from  8 am - 3 pm. 

2022 Trash Permits are available for town residents - $200.00


Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM ~ At the Ira Town Barn, Corner of Bradt Road and Ira Station Road

 Additional summer hours June thru September, Wednesdays 4-7pm 

 The numbered permit must be displayed on the driver’s side windshield and        visible to the attendant. 

 The purchase price remains the same ($200) the entire year. The fee is not pro-rated for late year purchase.

2022 TRASH PERMITS $200.00 

 RESIDENTS OF THE TOWN OF IRA ONLY must purchase a valid permit from the Town Clerk to bring no more than 6 bags/trash cans (33 gallon size) of solid waste to the transfer station at the rear of the Town of Ira Barn per week.  There will be a container for steel and recyclables.

 There will be a roll off available the 1st Saturday of each month for large objects not considered hazardous waste, limit of one item per resident. 


 Permits are per household, should anyone be caught sharing permits they will find   their nonrefundable permit revoked.

 Residents are encouraged to RECYCLE.  If you have questions or need help ask the attendant.

Please take notice: The Transfer Station will not accept garbage bags over 40 pounds in weight.

Trash and recyclables can be taken to the Town Barn (corner of Ira Station and Bradt Road) every Saturday between 8 a.m. and 3 pm and from June through Sept. Wednesdays from 4 -7 pm

Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses are issued by appointment only!

Notary Public

Jill Campbell, Town Clerk, is available to notarize documents during regular business hours.

Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses are available during regular business hours.

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