Immunizations for Adults

Adults need to stay up-to-date with their immunizations. By being up-to-date, you not only protect your health, but the health of your loved ones and your community. It is especially important for adults to be up-to-date if they are providing care to a young child, a person with a compromised immune system and elderly adults. See what immunizations are recommended at your specific age (PDF).

Seasonal Influenza (Flu)

Everyone 6 months and older is recommended to get a seasonal flu shot each year. Every year the flu vaccine contains different strains of the flu virus which is why it is recommended to get a flu shot every year. Learn more about the flu.

Shingles (Zostavax)

Shingles is caused by the Varicella Zoster virus, the same virus that causes chickenpox.

Only someone who has had chickenpox - or, rarely, has gotten chickenpox vaccine - can get shingles. The virus stays in your body, and can cause shingles many years later. Learn more about the Shingles Vaccine (PDF).

Tetanus, Diptheria & Pertussis (Td/Tdap)

Td is an immunization to protect against Tetanus and Diphtheria. Learn more about the Td vaccine (PDF).

Tdap is an immunization to protect against Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis. You also need 1 dose of Tdap. Women should get a Tdap vaccine during every pregnancy to protect the baby. Learn more about the Tdap vaccine (PDF).