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Long-Term Care Insurance

Most long-term care services are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, or other private health insurance. A specially purchased long-term care insurance policy, obtained while the individual is still in good health, can help protect him or her from the catastrophic expenses associated with extended long-term care later in life. 

We offer free, unbiased assistance to consumers of all ages considering the purchase of long-term care insurance and for those dealing with claims issues. We do not endorse or recommend any specific insurance product or insurer; it is solely intended to educate consumers about their choices. Contact us at 315-253-1226.


Although most Americans have insurance to protect against the risk of extensive medical costs,most do not have insurance to protect against the potentially staggering cost of extended long term care. To fill this gap, a growing number of people are buying long term care insurance.

What is it? A policy that covers long term care services provided in a nursing home, at home, in an assisted living facility, or in other community based settings. Such care is provided to people who are no longer able to perform the basic tasks of everyday living such as bathing, dressing, or eating for an extended period of time due to chronic medical, physical or cognitive conditions.

How much does it cost? The premium depends on your purchase age and what you choose to cover – the younger you are the lower the premium. The premium is designed to remain stable through the future (although prices can increase under some circumstances).

How is it purchased? - Most consumers purchase through a broker, agent or association.Federal and State employees/retirees, along with many others, may be eligible for a group policy through their employers.

Can everyone get it? Policies are medically underwritten, meaning your health status could affect your ability to obtain coverage. Candidates for the insurance usually have substantial assets to  preserve and the cost of premiums would not exceed 7% of their income.

What is available in New York State? There are two general types of long term care insurance in New York State: insurance sold under the New York State Partnership for Long Term Care and traditional non-Partnership insurance.

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