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Hydrilla - an extremely aggressive aquatic plant - was found in Cayuga Lake adjacent to Wells College in the Village of Aurora in the fall of 2016 and off the shore of King Ferry in 2018. If left unchecked, hydrilla will spread rapidly forming into thick mats of vegetation making swimming and boating impossible as well as negatively affecting fish populations. The impact to the local economy can be significant.

Eradication Project in Aurora           

Eradication Project offshore of King Ferry, Town of Genoa   

Hydrilla Plant

Quick Facts

  • Hydrilla is one of the world’s most invasive plants.
  • It can grow up to a foot a day.
  • It forms thick dense mats that block sunlight and kill native plants.
  • Hydrilla reduces oxygen in the water and alters fish habitat.
  • It eliminates waterfowl feeding areas and fish spawning sites.
  • It obstructs boating, swimming, and fishing.
  • Hydrilla lowers the value of waterfront property.
  • It blocks intakes at water treatment, power generation, and industrial facilities.
  • It clogs flood control channels.
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