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LIVE FIRE REFRESHER (01-05-0082) - 053

Full Description: The Cayuga County Office of Emergency Management is offering firefighters in Cayuga and neighboring counties the opportunity to hone their live fire skillset for structural fires.

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Full Description: Provides hands-on training in motor vehicle rescue and extrication techniques while stressing the need for scene safety and vehicle stabilization. It includes rescue theory, rescue life cycle, new technology in automotive design and rescue tools and their uses. Designed for: All emergency response personnel

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Fire Service Cancer Reduction Decontamination (01-15-0024) - 003

Occupational cancer due to firefighting is a silent killer- Firefighters face a 9% increase in cancer diagnoses and a 14% increase in cancer-related deaths. Unlike many tragic events that take firefighters' lives, many firefighters are dying due to firefighting-related cancers. Unfortunately, many of these deaths often go unnoticed. Learn how to take steps to help prevent these deaths from occurring.

The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control has announced a major initiative to help protect its staff, New York State’s firefighters, and their families from the occupational threat of cancer. This training session will teach you how to:

    Reduce the levels of contamination after firefighting operations or training.

    Recognize the spread of contamination.

    Recognize the signs of cancer.

    Understand the importance of annual physicals, and what the health care provider should know about

firefighters’ occupational risks

    Learn how to perform post-fire gross decontamination

    Learn steps to prevent cross-contamination to protect yourself and your family and friends

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Full Description: Developed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Basic Wildland Search Skills Course teaches the most basic skills needed to conduct searches in the wildland environment. Topics covered in this course include, basic search organization (Incident Command System), communications, search techniques, attitude, and safety. This course concludes with a field exercise to practice the type 3 search technique (grid search) discussed in the classroom. Graduates of this course will receive a “Green Card” which will identify them as having successfully completed this course.

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APPARATUS OPERATOR - PUMP (01-05-0005) - 169

Full Description: Offers knowledge and skills essential to pump operation. Based on objectives from National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator, Chapter 3, this course includes responsibilities of pump operators, hydraulics and friction loss, pump controls and accessories, fire streams, pumper practices, pumping from draft and pump evolutions, and using the fire pump at the fire hydrant. Demonstrations and practice sessions are included.

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\Full Description: This is a practical training session which allows students to apply concepts presented during the School Bus Rescue Course and begin to establish proficiency in related extrication skills. Students attending this course will be provided information relating to tool placement and staging, anatomy of a school bus, school bus stabilization, primary entry, secondary entry, patient packaging and extrication and bus rollovers.

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SCHOOL BUS RESCUE (01-04-0038) - 017

Full Description: The School Bus Rescue Course provides advanced training to personnel in the specific hazards and problems associated with performing rescues from school buses. The program focuses on many aspects of school buses including construction, safety systems, and extrication strategies.

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Firefighter Self-Rescue (01-05-0092) - 140

Full Description: This program is designed for self-rescue and rescue of trapped firefighters. Course content will enable firefighters to recognize the types of events encountered on the fire ground that contribute to firefighter disorientation and/or entrapment, to have knowledge of what is necessary to ensure their safety and that of their partners or crew members, and perform self-rescue techniques when disoriented, separated, or when needing to exit a structure in an emergency. This course requires students to perform several practical evolutions with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). This course includes the National Fire Academy Calling the Mayday.

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Description: Provides vehicle operators with a better understanding of the seriousness of emergency vehicle operation. Based on objectives from National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1002 Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator, Chapter 2, this course stimulates the thought processes to make students aware of the potential for tragedy and financial loss and of the legal and moral responsibilities encountered when operating an emergency vehicle. 

Apparatus Operator Emergency Vehicle Operations Equivalents are EVOC Courses offered by VFIS Insurance, ESIP Insurance or Utica National Insurance with driving skills evaluated. Train the Trainers are not accepted as equivalent. 

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