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Drivers Responsibility Program

Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA)

In addition to any fines, fees, penalties, or surcharges that you pay for a traffic conviction, you must pay the driver responsibility assessment. The assessment is an amount that you must pay each year for three years. You pay the assessment to the DMV.

Pay a DRA Fee

If you receive a statement from the DMV that instructs you to pay a driver responsibility assessment, you must pay the minimum amount in 30 days or less. The statement will display the payment date. Learn how to pay a DRA fee.

Your DRA Statement

Get more information on understanding the different dates for violations, convictions, or statements. Learn how these dates refer to your driver record and your driver responsibility assessment.

Effects on Your Driving Record

How does the DMV calculate the total number of your driver violation points? To learn how the DMV calculates your point total, see the information about the driver violation point system.

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