Domestic Violence is a Crime

  • If you and your children are being abused, call the police.
  • The police will come if you call them.
  • Ask to speak to the police alone. Tell the police if the abuser has a criminal history and/or if you have an order of protection.
  • Ask the police to investigate the scene for evidence, like damaged property.
  • Ask the police to talk to any witnesses.
  • Ask the police to take pictures of any bruises or marks and of the scene.
  • The police also will fill out an incident report. This includes a statement from you. Make sure to read your statement before signing it. If you are not comfortable with the written statement, calmly discuss any changes you believe necessary.
  • Sometimes the police have to arrest your abuser. Other times you can ask them to arrest your abuser. You can also go to the police station and make a complaint yourself.

Law Enforcement Resources

The police should give you:

  • Information on a temporary shelter.
  • Help in getting personal property.
  • Help getting medical treatment.
  • A copy of the police report.
  • Information about getting an order of protection.