Board of Ethics


The Legislature of the County of Cayuga believes that the vast majority of County officers and employees serve their constituents honestly and zealously. The officers and employees also recognize that in a democratic society, even the appearance of impropriety may significantly undermine the public's confidence in the officials who serve them. The Legislature further believes that an effective ethics code for County officers and employees should improve both the perception and the reality of integrity in local government and should also encourage, not discourage, citizens from participating in that government. This local ethics code seeks to fulfill those goals. 



  1. To establish high standards of ethical conduct for officers, employees, and other municipalities of Cayuga County.
  2. To afford officers, employees and other municipalities of the County clear guidance on such standards.
  3. To promote public confidence in the integrity of the governance and administration of the County and its agencies and administrative offices.
  4. To facilitate consideration of potential ethical problems before they arise, minimize unwarranted suspicion, and enhance the accountability of government to the people by requiring a disclosure of financial interests that may influence or be perceived to influence the actions of County officers or employees
  5. To provide for the fair and effective administration of the Ethics Code. 



Local Law 5 of 2021 is enacted pursuant to section 806 of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York and section 10 of the Municipal Home Rule Law and is not intended to authorize any conduct prohibited by Article 18 of the General Municipal Law. Local Law 5 of 2021 also supplements other provisions of law regulating ethics in local government, such as section 107 of the Civil Service Law of the State of New York.