Eligibility Requirements

The Age-Appropriate, Risk-Based Screenings offered by the CSP are:

  • Mammograms and clinical breast exams for breast cancer.
  • Pap tests and pelvic exams for cervical cancer.
  • Take home fecal tests (FIT or FOBT) for colorectal cancer.
  • Screening colonoscopy for men and women at increased risk for colorectal cancer (this means they have a greater chance of getting colorectal cancer).

People who have abnormal screening tests (the screening tests show they may have one of these cancers) may also have the following services from the CSP partnership:

  • Diagnostic Tests - These are tests and exams that check to see if cancer is there.
  • Case Management - People help you get to the diagnostic tests by helping make appointments, finding a way to appointments, finding child care, and many other ways to make it easier to get to the important diagnostic test appointments.
  • Help finding treatment if cancer is found.
  • Help getting in the Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program if you meet the program eligibility (rules). The Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program offers full Medicaid insurance for people with breast, cervical, colorectal or prostate cancer who meet the program eligibility (rules).

Income & Insurance Eligibility

Free cancer screening by the CSP is only offered to women and men who meet income and health insurance eligibility (rules). Income eligibility means that the total amount of money earned by people living in your house must be below a certain amount for you to get free CSP services.

CSP services are also offered to women and men who do not have health insurance (including Medicaid or other public insurance) or whose health insurance does not pay for cancer screenings. CSP services may also be offered to women and men who have health insurance, but cannot afford to pay the insurance co-pay, deductible, or spend down.

The CSP partnership staff or health care provider will give you information about income and health insurance and talk to you about whether or not you meet these program rules.

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