Text to 911

Cayuga County E-911 now has the ability to receive and respond to text messages. Text to 911 is a service offered to the citizens in Cayuga County that allows the 911 center to receive texts from your mobile phone or device. Text to 911 should primarily be used for only two reasons. For the hearing impaired, and when calling 911 is impossible, or would put the caller in greater danger than they are already in. 

Texting 911 is easy. Insert 911 as the recipient of the text, and put in the relevant information in the message of the text. An example has been shown below.  There are some things to know before making a Text to 911:

  • Text to 911 is not a replacement to calling 911. if you are able to speak, please call 911.
  • Call takers will have more questions so be sure to stay alert to incoming texts.
  • Text to 911 is not universal and may not be offered in other counties. If you receive a "bounce back" text, you must dial 911.
  • Cayuga County E-911 currently only has the ability to receive text messages. Any sort of multimedia texts will not be received. 

911 Text Example