Friends of Sterling Nature Center

The Friends of the Sterling Nature Center is an organization established to promote the development and preservation of the Sterling Park. 

Conservation Easement

This spectacular 1,400 acre site, with nearly two miles of Lake Ontario shoreline, has been granted a conservation easement by the State of New York.

Unique Features

This unique park features glacially-formed bluffs, with scenic vistas of Lake Ontario.

Varied Wetlands

Its varied wetlands are home to diverse species of wildlife and plants such as:

  • Creeks 
  • Meadows
  • Vernal ponds
  • Woodland
  • Terrain of wetlands

This diversity of land and species offers numerous opportunities for education and recreation. It is our challenge, to foster a positive balance between peoples use of the land while preserving its natural habitat.

Volunteer Efforts & Financial Support

We invite you to join us. Our success depends upon your volunteer efforts and financial support.

What Your Membership Does for the Center

  • Supports our mission to enhance each visitor's appreciation and awareness of the natural world. 
  • Provides for physical improvements to the Nature Center. 
  • Maintains Public Access to one of Upstate New York's most diverse natural areas. 
  • Ensures the development of nature-related programs.

What Your Friends Membership Does for You

  • A Membership Card and Decal
  • Nature Center Quarterly Publication
  • Program Discounts and Special "Members Only" Opportunities
  • Voting privileges

Become a Member

Complete the membership form (PDF) and mail with a check payable to:
Friends of Sterling Nature Center
P.O. Box 216
Sterling, New York 13156

Volunteers Are Needed for

  • Buildings preservation: 
    • Electrical
    • Heating
    • Painting
    • Plumbing
    • Roofing
  • Carpentry (Jensvold house and Pavilions)
  • Education
  • Exhibits
  • Fundraising or Membership drive
  • Gardening
  • Publications or Presentations
  • Research
  • Signs
  • Trail building

Your skills and help are needed. Please call 315-947-6143 for more information.