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Partnership between Healing Cayuga, DisposeRx, and Cayuga County Office for the Aging brings safe medication disposal options to Meals on Wheels participants

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National study brings light to an alarming trend in Cayuga County

For the past two years, Cayuga County has been taking part in a national study, tracking opioid overdoses in real time. Recently, they’ve noticed an alarming trend in young teens and children. Within the last year, Cayuga County has seen a major increase in overdoses in teens and young children. From 2019 to now, those numbers have tripled.

Monika Salvage, the director of the program, said kids are grabbing anything they can find at home and intentionally harming themselves. It may not be illicit drugs, but it ranges from over-the-counter drugs like Advil to prescription pills. Salvage said they’re seeing this in kids as young as 11.

On top of that, the number of completed suicides throughout the county has doubled since the start of the pandemic.

Salvage said parents should make sure all of their drugs, whether over the counter or prescribed, need to be locked away out of sight from their children. It never hurts to have Narcan nasal spray on hand, because you never know when opioids are involved.

[Watch entire interview as aired on News Channel 9 on 6/9/2021]

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