Private Well and Septic Information

The New York State Health Department updated some of its education materials for private wells and septic systems. These materials give people with private wells and septic systems tips for testing and maintenance. We are making these materials available to towns with large rural populations that have private wells and septic systems.

Below are ways to order these materials:

A PDF version is available on the Forms and Documents page, linked off of the main menu.

You can download and print from the New York State Health Department website.

Test and Protect Your Private Well:
We recommend that a private well owner test their well water once a year for bacteria and for other contaminants every 3-5 years. Information is included on where to find certified laboratories that can perform such testing.

Septic System Operation and Maintenance:

Even the best designed and installed septic system will eventually fail without periodic maintenance. This guide briefly describes septic system components and how they should be maintained.