Town of Owasco

Cayuga County of New York

Owasco Farmers Market Opening Date:: Wednesday June 15th 2016! 3:00-7:00 PM its going to be another great year!

Important Information:

Fire Hydrant Flushing 

April 18, 19, 20th, 2016

The Town of Owasco will be flushing hydrants. Consequently there could be a slight drop in water pressure accompanied by a reddish coloration of the water (rust).  This discolored water could cause some inconvenience, as it may leave stains on material.

 What to do if you notice rusty water? The Town Water Department suggests that you turn on the OUTSIDE FAUCET and let it run until the water becomes clear.

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2016 Final Assessment Roll
2014 Town Audit

Sewer District # Updates

Sewer #3 Vote Yes-117 No- 45
Public Hearing Powerpoint Owasco SD 3 10 04 14.pdf

Sewer District #3 Map Plan 2014.pdf
Parcels in SD#3.pdf
Easements are due 11/1/15

Water Quality

Town of Owasco Water Quality Report

Asian Clam Survey Powerpoint Optimized.pdf

Report Streetlight Outage
Auburn Weather

Town of Owasco newsletter Fall2014 web final.pdf


Owasco Online Water/ Sewer Payments



EMERGENCY- After Hours Phone Numbers:

HIGHWAY & SEWER EMERGENCY'S Work (315) 252-0332 Cell (315) 729-5031
WATER EMERGENCY'S Work (315) 253-3284 Cell (315) 729-0970
DOG CONTROL- Suzie Nalley Office 1-607-749-2734 Cell 315- 224-3110


We are completing the Owasco Role of Honor listing Men & Women who served our Town from World War II to present day. Please check the list of names, If your name or someone you know would like to added please email the Laurel Auchampaugh, Historian at with following information: Name, Date of Service, Branch . This information is for the undertaking of the Owasco Veterans Memorial Park, Slated to be scheduled for November.

Follow this link: Owasco Vets WW2 and after

Town of Owasco -Climate Action Plan:

Town of Owasco Budgets