Town of Moravia

Cayuga County of New York


Supervisor (Elected 2 Year Term)
Gary Hatfield

Town Council (Elected 4 Year Term)
Austin Weaver
Joseph Gentilcore 

(appointed until 12.31.17)

Planning Board

Zoning Board of Appeals
Paul Ryan
Mark Wood
Brant Sherlock

Board of Assessment Review
Mark Wood (2014)
Russell Demond (2014)
Donald Hatfield (2015)
Ted Bell (2016)
Denise Nye (2017)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector

(Elected 2 year term)

Carol C. Wood


Registrar of Vital Statistics 
Carol C. Wood

Deputy Town Clerk (Appointed Yearly)
Victoria Price

Highway Superintendent (Elected 2 Year Term)

Acting Hwy Sup--Matt Harrison

Town Justices (Elected 4 Year Term)
Sheila Hargett-Kemp
June Shepardson

Code Enforcement Officer (Appointed Yearly)
Fred Delaney

Assessor (Appointed Yearly)    

Jeanne Hering

Court Clerk (Appointed Yearly)
June W. Shepardson

Supervisor's Bookkeeper(Appointed Yearly)
Victoria Price

Town Attorney (Appointed Yearly)
Richard J. Zwirn

Dog Control Officer, (Appointed Yearly)
Country Acres Pet Services

Recreation Co-Directors
Todd Mulvaney     

Kristin Johnson

Town Historian (Appointed Yearly)
Arlene Murphy

Representative to the Cayuga County Legislature (Elected 2 Year Term)
Terrance Baxter

Highway Department MEO's
John Thompson

James Baylor