Village of Cayuga

Website Move and Update

6205 Railroad Street
Cayuga, NY 13034
Phone (315) 252-1707
Fax: (315) 252-4120
  Office Hours:
Monday and Wednesday - 3:00PM-7:00PM
Tuesday and Thursday - CLOSED
Friday 8AM-3PM 
Last Saturday of Month - 8AM-11AM
                                     Email Addresses

Mayor Helen Day

Trustee Cheryl Greer

Trustee Dan Quill

Trustee Ron Erickson

Trustee William Sherman

Clerk Debbie Pinckney

Deputy Clerk Marilyn Baader

Treasurer Lori Milne

Superintendent Dan Patterson

Fire Chief Steve Orchard

General Informational Inbox

We are currently updating and moving our site and will give you more information when it is available. Please feel free to call us at 252-1707. Thank you for your understanding and patience at this time.

Village of Cayuga