Mentz Town Council

Town of Mentz, Cayuga County, New York
    14 Sponable Drive, PO BOX 798
    Port Byron, NY 13140
    Meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 7pm

  • Supervisor: Richard Nielens, Jr.
  • term - Dec. 2017
  • Deputy Supervisor: Mark Emerson
  • term - Dec. 2019
  • Councilman: Jeffrey Mills
  • term - Dec. 2017 
  • Councilman: Matthew Poyneer
  • term - Dec. 2017
  • Councilwoman: Barbara Clancy
  • term - Nov. 2017

Mentz Town Council

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Town Board Meeting Minutes

Supervisor R. Nielens Jr


Councilman M. Emerson

Mark Emerson

Councilwoman B. Clancy

B Clancy636306406862227978

Councilman J. Mills

Jeff Mills

Councilman M. Poyneer

Matt Poyneer

Town Clerk C. Wood

C wood

Deputy Clerk L. Ware

Lucy Ware1