Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

  1. The Cemetery Superintendent reserves the right to remove any type of decoration or planting deemed dangerous, withered, unsightly or intrusive upon neighboring plots
  2. All plants must be in containers and confined to an area not more than 12" from the front or side of monument
  3. Use of any type of glass container is prohibited and will be removed immediately
  4. Landscaping materials of any kind (ie stones, crushed stone, shells, wood chips, mulch, bricks, etc.) are not permitted to be placed on graves or around plants as they are safety hazards
  5. The planting of trees, shrubs, bushes, perennials and annuals is prohibited
  6. Limit of three (3) decorations per grave and confined to an area of not more than 12" from the front or sides of  monument
  7. Lot owners are not permitted to remove permanently planted trees
  8. Lot owners are not permitted to plant any kind of hedge or erect any other kind of enclosure on their lots, including benches or seats
  9. All decorations from the previous year must be removed by April 1st 
  10. The use of any type of recreational vehicle (ie snowmobiles, ATV's, sleds etc) within the cemetery are prohibited
  11. The cemetery is closed between sundown and sunrise. Trespassers during these hours will be prosecuted
  12. No hunting is allowed within or from the cemetery
  13. Vaults ARE required and must be constructed of concrete or metal and installed by the company with the exception of cremations
  14. All excavations for interments must be pre-arranged and are made by cemetery personnel only
  15. Foundations for all monuments, headstones and veteran's plaques, as well as all monuments, headstones & veteran's plaques WILL BE installed by the monument company
  16. Burial Permits must be submitted to the Cemetery Superintendent before or at the time of interment
  17. No burials will be allowed without a Burial Permit
  18. Corner stones are required for grave lots
  19. Contact the Cemetery Superintendent for grave lot purchases and/or any changes
  20. Basic grave plots are 5' X 10'
  21. Cremation lots in the old cremation section are 4' X 4', however cremation lots in the new section are 3' X 3'
  22. Section 9 ~ lots 135 through 142 are set aside purposefully for indigent burials
  23. Full payment for grave plots is expected at time of purchase
  24. Weekend and or holiday interments will be charged an additional fee ~ please see Burial Fees
  25. Grave plot deeds will be issued by the Town Clerk along with a complete copy of the Rules & Regulations
  27. Refer any suggestions, complaints or questions to the Cemetery Superintendent, Lucy Ware                                                                                                    
  28. By order of the Mentz Town Board adopted 7/1/2008