LOCAL LAW # 3 OF 1986





Local Law # 3 of 1986 entitled Regulations Governing the Installation and Maintenance of Mobile Homes and Trailers shall amend Section 5 of Local Law # 2 of 1986 entitled Regulations Governing the Installation and Maintenance of Mobile Homes and Trailers and shall read as follows:




1.  Requirements: 

A.  All land used as a mobile home park shall be well drained, free from heavy or dense growth or brush.  The land shall be properly graded to insure rapid drainage following rain and shall at all times be drained so as to be free from stagnant pools of water.

B.  Area:  All mobile home parks shall be comprised of an area of not less than 10 acres.


2.  Construction and Installation:

All mobile homes placed in mobile home parks after this Local Law is enacted shall be constructed and installed in compliance with ARTICLE 19AA, of the New York State Executive Law.


3.  Mobile Home Lot: 

Each such mobile home park shall provide not less than twenty-eight hundred (2,800) square feet, (40' x 70') for each mobile home.  The mobile home park shall be subdivided and marked off into rectangular shaped lots or trapezoidal shaped lots.  Each mobile home lot shall be provided with a mobile home stand of adequate size to accommodate the anticipated mobile home.


4.  Markers:

Each mobile home lot shall be marked off by permanent post pins, monuments, or other points of reference.


5.  Streets and Drives:

Each mobile home park shall have improved streets to provide for the convenient access to all mobile home lots and other important facilities within the park.  Streets shall be improved to meet at least the following specifications (these are not Village of Moravia Highway Specifications).

A.  The street system shall be so designed to permit the safe and convenient vehicular                                   circulation within the mobile home park.

B.  Streets shall be adapted to the topography and shall have suitable alignment and                            gradient for traffic safety.

C.  All streets shall intersect at angles of not less than eighty (80) degrees.

D.  All streets shall have a minimum paved width of eighteen (18) feet as in "D" and                               contain two (2)  four (4) feet shoulders.


6.  Parking:

Parking spaces shall be at least ten by twenty (10' x 20') feet.  Three (3) parking spaces shall be provided for each two (2) mobile home lots.  Auxiliary parking spaces shall be provided at a ratio of one (1) parking space per mobile home lot in a central or convenient and strategic location or locations which is not contiguous with the lot services, such area being screened from lots and public highways by suitable shrubbery or other effective vegetation.  Auxiliary parking areas are to be provided for parking trucks, maintenance equipment, trailers, and other similar equipment and vehicles.


7.  Sanitary Facilities:

Each such mobile home park shall provide approved water and sewer connections to existing public sanitary sewer and water systems of the Village of Moravia for each mobile home.  Mobile Home Parks must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times to include provisions for covered storage of garbage and trash.


8.  Fire Protection:

Such mobile home parks shall be provided with suitable and adequate fire extinguishers and other fire prevention devices as may be prescribed by the Village Board of Trustees or their designated representatives wherein said mobile home park is located.


9.  Registration of Occupants:

The owner or operator of each mobile home park shall keep a permanent record in writing of all occupants.


10.  Accessibility:

All mobile home parks containing twenty (20) or more mobile home lots shall have access from two (2) points along a single public street or highway, or if bordering on two (2) streets, access can be one for each street, such access points being separated at least one hundred (100) feet.


11.  Screening:

There shall be provided a buffer area between the right-of-way line of adjacent public highways of at least twenty (20) feet.  There shall also be provided a buffer area between any portion of a mobile home and the boundary of the mobile home park of at least twenty (20) feet.  Such buffer area shall consist of trees and shrubs of such height and type as may be approved by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Moravia.


12.  Trees:

All existing trees shall be preserved insofar as possible in the design of the mobile home park.


13.  Lighting:

Artificial lighting shall be provided to illuminate walks, driveways, streets and parking spaces for the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles at night.


14.  Skirting:

Each mobile home must be provided with perimeter skirting to hide all wheels, chasis and other appurtenances under the home and such skirting is to be installed in less than ninety (90) days after the mobile home is placed on its stand.


15.  The obtaining of a license hereunder for the use of premises as a mobile home park shall not be construed to eliminate the necessity of complying with all other applicable Local Laws and Health Regulation of the Village of Moravia.


16.  Prohibition:

No occupied mobile home or travel trailer shall be parked or allowed to remain upon any street, highway or other public place, except that emergency stopping or parking, when caused by mechanical failure, shall be permitted upon the shoulder of any street of highway for a period of not more than seventy-two (72) hours, subject, however to any prohibition of limitation imposed by other Regulations of Laws.


17.  Permits:

No Mobile Home Park shall be constructed, moved or expanded, without submission to and approval by the Village Board of Trustees, of plans to conform to these Regulations in effect.


18.  Effective Date:

This Local Law shall take effect immediately upon filing with the Secretary of State.