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Charles Ripley
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Deputy Supervisor
Susan Stout
Town Clerk/Tax Collector:
Carol Chase
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Deputy Town Clerk/Deputy Tax Collector:
Christina Ripley
Town Council Members:
Duane Reynolds
Daniel Ripley
Christopher Ryan
Susan Stout
Code Enforcement Officer:
Kevin McMahon
Cell: 607-745-0004
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Variance Board Chairman:
Nick Gavrielides
Town Webmaster:
Joan M. Winker
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Highway Superintendent:
John Kirk
Deputy Highway Superintendent:
Jeff Parker
Planning Board Chairman:
Barbara Harvey
Planning Board Secretary
Jeff Teneyck
Town Justice:
Sherry Davenport
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Town Attorney:
Guy Krogh
Linda Wright
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Patricia McCloy
Pictorial History of Summerhill:
The Town of Summerhill is gathering material for a pictorial history of the town. The time period covered would be from the first settlers to yesterday!

We would appreciate any pictures and stories of people, events, buildings, sites, etc., that you would be willing to share with us. We will copy your picture and return the original to you.

Please contact Pat McCloy, Town Historian at
(607) 423-1992,
pmmcloy@verizon.net or leave a message with the Town Clerk, Carol L. Chase, RMC.

Thank you for your support!!