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Code Enforcement FAQ's

  • Q: I live out in the country, can I burn my garbage?

  • A: According to the new DEC Regulations, no one can burn household garbage no matter where you live. Please click here to read the regulation.

  • Q: Do I need a permit to put up a fence or a swimming pool?

  • A: You do not need Building Permit to put up a fence, however the Sterling Land Use Regulations state that there is a 2 foot set back to allow for mowing. A swimming pool that is less than 24" in height does not require a Building Permit.

  • Q: What do I do when my construction project is finished?

  • A: Please call the Code Enforcement Office at 947-6245 to schedule a Final Inspection.

  • Q: I want to build or purchase a small storage shed, what is required?

  • A: Storage sheds under 144 sq. ft. in area do not require a Building Permit, however small sheds must still be placed according to the required setbacks (see Town of Sterling Zoning Law).    Storage sheds greater than 144 sq. ft. require an approved Building Permit. As a minimum, provide construction plans and placement details; refer to the Building Permit Application for a full list of requirements.

  • Q: My neighbor has a bunch of old cars and junk in his yard, what can I do? I don't want him to know that it was me who complained.

  • A: The Code Enforcement Office investigates all written complaints and sends the appropriate violation letters to the offending property owner. The complaint is completely anonymous, your name will not be included on any paperwork. To fill out a complaint form, either visit the Code Enforcement Office or print a complaint form from the website, complete and mail to the CEO.

  • Q: I want to replace my old single wide mobile home with a newer one, is there a minimum age requirement?

  • A: No, however the Town of Sterling Land Use Regulations states that single wide mobile homes may only be placed in a permitted Mobile Home Community.

  • Q: I'm having vinyl siding and new windows installed, do I need to get a Building Permit?

  • A: Yes and your contractor must provide proof of Workers Compensation Insurance per NYS Law.

    Assessment FAQ's

    • Q:I heard that the STAR Program is changing, is that true?
      A: Yes. There are no more Basic STAR Exemptions being issued. Instead new home owners are directed to register for the STAR Credit Program

    • Q: When does my (e.g., Agricultural, Veteran's, Senior Citizen's, STAR, Disability) exemption form need to be submitted?

    • A: The exemption filing deadline is March 1st of each year. This means that the Town of Sterling Assessment Office must RECEIVE the completed form and any required supporting information by March 1st.

    • Q: When is grievance day?

    • A: Grievance Day is always the 4th Tuesday in May for the Town of Sterling and you must make an appointment. The hours can change from year to year depending on the availability of the Board of Assessment Review members. IF YOU PLAN ON GRIEVING WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO CONTACT THE ASSESSMENT OFFICE BY PHONE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR GRIEVANCE DAY.

    • Q: Why did the assessor raise my taxes?

    • A: The assessor cannot and does not raise or lower your taxes. The assessor can only assess the value of your home. Taxes are impacted by the Village, Town, County and School budgets. If you feel your taxes are too high, you should be speaking with your village board members, your town board members, your county legislature and your school board members.

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