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2011 WQMA Membership

Invitation: Regional, State, and Federal Agencies as well as other Water Advocacy Groups are welcome to join the WQMA. Please contact Michele Wunderlich at 315-253-1276.

 Keith Batman

 Ed Wagner

Cayuga County Legislature's Environmental Advisors
Director of Cayuga County Planning and Development Stephen Lynch
Director of Cayuga County Environmental Health Eileen O'Connor
Director of Cayuga County Parks and Trails Gary Duckett
Director of Cayuga County Soil & Water Conservation District Doug Kierst
Cayuga County Solid Waste Management Program Administrator Bruce Natale
Cayuga County Cooperative Extension Director Doug Ververs

Non-County, Local Officials
Town of Owasco Edward Wagner
City of Auburn Vicky Murphy
Cayuga County Association of Town Supervisors Keith Batman
Cayuga County Association of Villages Harry Hinman

Representatives from Waterbody Associations in Cayuga County
Cayuga Lake Watershed Network Jim Young
Duck Lake Association Dale Powell
Lake Como Association Barbara Harvey
Owasco Watershed Lake Association Bob Brower
Tri-County Skaneateles Lake Pure Waters Association Vacant

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Updated: May 3, 2013