Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes

Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes September 6, 2011

Attendees: Amy Barra, Bob Brower, Dick Coalson, Anthony DeCaro, Bruce Natale, Don Seitz, Ed Wagner, Michele Wunderlich

  1. Announcements and Introductions


  2. Analysis Committee Report

    Michele Wunderlich stated that she will distribute copies of the "Preliminary Survey for Asian clams (Corbicula fluminea) in Owasco Lake, Cayuga County, NY" to other Task Force members by email.

    It was determined to conduct an additional survey of Owasco Lake in the five to eight feet depth following the buoy lines. This is to more clearly define areas where freezing may not be an effective treatment method (deeper than about 6 feet). Task Force members trained in July and other volunteers will conduct this work preliminarily scheduled for September 13th.

Updated: October 26, 2011