Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes

Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes September 19, 2011

Bob Brower, Dick Coalson, Anthony DeCaro, Sarah Meyer, Bruce Natale, Don Seitz, Ed Wagner, Michele Wunderlich

  1. Announcements and Introductions


  2. Analysis Committee Report

    Bruce Natale reported that the survey in September found Asian clams in water 9 to 10 feet deep, but not deeper than 11 feet due to the weeds and silt found at greater depth. Bruce Natale stated that they need to get the samples of sand analyzed for size. Dick Coalson and Anthony DeCaro volunteered to conduct the size analysis.

  3. Mitigation Committee Report

    A discussion occurred on how to treat the Asian clams since dropping the lake level will not kill all the clams because they are too deep. Matting is a possibly and will be further discussed at a future meeting. Also, we need to develop our formal request for the United States Army Corps of Engineers for lake level lowering as soon as possible.

  4. Education Committee Report

    Bruce Natale stated that he will have Amy Barra do another press release on the Asian clam. Anthony DeCaro requested that the County Health Department find out who has shore wells and what level they can work properly.

Updated: October 26, 2011