Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes

Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes May 5, 2011

Attendees: Amy Barra, Bob Brower, Dick Coalson, Sarah Meyer, Bruce Natale, Jeff Robins, Ed Wagner, Michele Wunderlich

  1. Announcements


  2. Visual Surveys for Asian Clam Shells:

    Work continued on the shoreline visual surveys for the Asian Clam. Data from these surveys is available for viewing on the OWN website (www.owascolake.org). Bob Brower stated that he hopes to work with the Finger Lakes Institute on getting the samples verified. Sarah Meyer stated that they are waiting for him to let them know how much work it is going to be so they can find someone to confirm them.

  3. Surveys Via Snorkel and Scuba

    Ed Wagner stated that they are waiting for the turbidity to go down before they go out again. Dead clam shells have been sucked into the water intake screen of the Town of Owasco which is about 65 feet down, so it is possible they are down that far. He stated that he has contacted some diving shops and they have underwater cameras that they can use and he stated that Bass Pro is willing to work with us.

  4. Funding

    Bruce Natale discussed a funding proposal filed April 29th with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for United States Fish and Wildlife Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grant funds. This application is for about a quarter of a million dollars to conduct macroinvertebrate studies of seven Finger Lakes, and a plankton study of eleven Finger Lakes. It will also fund seven watercraft stewards for seven Finger Lakes and two for bays along Lake Ontario. Funds will also pay for diver transects in Owasco Lake to determine the extent and age of Asian clam beds and develop a response. Bruce Natale also reported that one Asian clam shell and one Chinese mystery snail shell have been found along the northern shores of Cayuga Lake.

    Discussion occurred about other possible sources of funds. Focused on how to start training for identifying clams and detailed underwater survey work as soon as possible, rather than waiting to hear back from three grant applications. Also, discussed the need the need for full time Invasive Species Coordinator and grant funds for same.

  5. Other

    Bob Brower suggested forming three committees. These committees were Education and Outreach, Mitigation and Assessment. These committees were formed and each will develop a paragraph of the committee's roles and responsibilities.

    Next meeting will be May 19th at 1:30 pm at IAGT.


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