Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes

Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes May 19, 2011

Attendees: Amy Barra, Bob Brower, Dick Coalson, Anthony DeCaro, Tara Dougherty, Bill Graney, Sarah Meyer, Bruce Natale, Ed Wagner

  1. Survey Results

    Survey is done. Most samples south of Bucks/Martin Points are single Asian clams shells. There is no evidence of beds. Auburn intake screen has clam shells down about 30 feet deep, but after the ice breakup and storms. Ed Wagner rechecked Bucks/Martin Points and found no Asian clams. Bob Brower's samples 088 and 090 might be fingernail clams. Dick Coalson's sample 066 is Asian clam.

    They plan on focusing the attention on the north end with divers looking to identify beds. Lake is at 60 degrees F in the epilimnion already. Ed Wagner saw shells at six feet down when the lake was around 713.0. He did not look for beds.

    Bob Brower stated that they are still waiting to get the samples confirmed.

  2. Education and PR

    Amy Barra handed out information on the Asian clam to approximately 800 people at the electronics collection event on May 14th. Bob Brower, Dick Coalson and Ed Wagner will create a press release and Amy Barra will release it.

    Amy Barra will check pet stores for Asian clam and will work with Sarah Meyer to find someone to lead a class on identification and look alikes at the Owasco Watershed Lake Association meeting on June 1st. Three diving clubs will be invited to the identification event.

    A PowerPoint presentation will be developed and presented to the Auburn City Council in early to mid-June.

  3. Funding

    Task Force will continue to look for funding for education and the diving surveys. The Task Force will also work to find enough money to hire an invasive species coordinator. Bob Brower and Ed Wagner have begun to draft an application to the Emerson Foundation.

  4. Possible Control Methods

    Dick Coalson asked Anthony DeCaro if it was possible for the City to lower Owasco Lake next winter to try to freeze the Asian clams. Anthony DeCaro stated that they would need approval from the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The dam work is going to be done the spring of 2012.

  5. Committees

    The mission statement for the Analysis Committee is "The committee will focus on and oversee the preliminary shoreline survey and the development of an in-lake survey once permission has been granted by the NYSDEC to undertake bottom collection. An on-going monitoring program will also be designed to continue throughout the summer months"

    The mission statement for the Mitigation Committee is "The committee will focus on and oversee the development of a program recommending response and including a budget to seek control of the infestation of Asian Clams (C. fluminea) in Owasco Lake."

    The mission statement for the Education and Outreach Committee is "The mission of the Outreach and Education Committee is to promote increased knowledge and understanding of the Asian Clam, its niche and impact on Owasco, and surrounding Finger Lakes, by providing environmental education and outreach initiatives focused on identification, prevention, control and management."

    Need to discuss if a formal procedure is needed to review and approve meeting notes.

  6. Other

    Next meeting will be June 1st at or after the Owasco Watershed Lake Association meeting at the Springside Inn. The presentation will be scheduled for 7-7:30 pm.


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Updated: June 23, 2011