Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes

Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes June 1, 2011

Attendees: Amy Barra, Bob Brower, Dick Coalson, Lee Coalson, Anthony DeCaro, Dave MacNeill, Sarah Meyer, Bruce Natale, Ed Wagner, Michele Wunderlich

  1. Announcements and Introductions

    Michele Wunderlich announced that the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Onondaga County is hosting an Asian Clam Monitoring event on June 28th at 6:30 pm at the United Methodist Church at 26 Jordan Street in Skaneateles.

  2. Analysis Committee Report

    Ed Wagner reported that he is seeing live shells on the surface and just below the surface of the sediment off of Deauville Island in the water up to four feet down. Dave MacNeill identified a shell as Asian Clam. Bob Brower reported that a draft of the "Pre-Survey Report on Asian Clams in Owasco Lake" would be sent out for review. He reported that he will go out to do some spot checking and he is looking at the possibility of using underwater LIDAR.

  3. Mitigation Committee Report

    No news to report.

  4. Education and Outreach Report

    Amy Barra will put information on Asian Clam into her EcoTalk article and will work on a press release.

  5. Funding

    No grant announcements have been forthcoming. Work continues to find funding for surveying and hiring an invasive species coordinator.

  6. Other

    Next meeting will be June 15th at the Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology, Inc. at 3 pm.

  7. Dave MacNeill’s Presentation on the Identification of the Asian Clam.


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