Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes

Owasco Lake Asian Clam Task Force Meeting Notes June 15, 2011

Attendees: Amy Barra, Bob Brower, Dick Coalson, Anthony DeCaro, Kara Mariano, Bruce Natale, Jessica Reinhart, Michele Wunderlich

  1. Announcements and Introductions


  2. Analysis Committee Report

    Bob Brower reported that he has received the edits to the draft of the "Pre-Survey Report on Asian Clams in Owasco Lake" and will post it on the Owasco Watershed Network webpage and send it to the Cayuga County WQMA. He also reported that he has been meeting with people at Rochester Institute of Technology to find ways to map benthic composition from the air.

    The Task Force decided that a delineation of the edge of the infestation needs to be conducted and some volunteers are available. Bob Brower stated that a training program will be needed for the divers. Bruce Natale stated that he will contact Darrin Freshwater Institute and the professional divers they used that worked on Lake George in the Fall of 2010.

    A discussion occurred on how to reimburse volunteer divers for their air. Anthony DeCaro will find out how the Auburn Fire Department fills their air tanks.

  3. Mitigation Committee Report

    Bruce Natale suggested installing signs and invasive species disposal stations near the boat launches around Owasco Lake. Michele Wunderlich will find the specifications for the NYSDEC invasive species disposal stations. Jessica Reinhart stated that Leslie Surprenant of the NYSDEC Office of Invasive Species Coordination told her that the NYSDEC may be able to pay for signs. Michele Wunderlich will look into it. Sites for signs included the two launches at Emerson Park, two launches of Owasco Marine, South Shore Marina, Owasco Yacht Club and Ensenore.

    A discussion occurred about restricting boat traffic and boat mooring in the areas off of Emerson Park. Bruce Natale will speak with the County Attorney's Office.

    Bob Brower stated he had some success finding people that might possibly provide some funds or are willing to fundraise to get money to do a delineation.

    Anthony DeCaro stated that he has begun discussing the possibility of lowering the lake level during the winter with the United States Army Corps of Engineers. He will continue talking to them.

  4. Education and Outreach Report

    Amy Barra stated that her EcoTalk article on Asian Clam will be in next Friday's paper. She stated that an education festival will be held on Cross Lake on July 10th and there will be two educational booths; one on Asian Clam and one on water chestnut. Bruce Natale stated he was interviewed by Channel 9 News on June 10th. Owasco Lake Day will be held on August 7th and the Task Force plans on having an educational program that day. Amy Barra will work on an article for the PennySaver.

  5. Other

    Next meeting will be June 29th at the Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology, Inc. at 2:30 pm (note: changed to July 1, 2011 at Emerson Park).


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