Court of Sessions      1655 - 1691

Jurisdiction in non criminal capital cases between 5.00 and 20.00,
power to probate wills, grant administration in case of intestacy,
order final accounting of estates, remove an executor or administrator, appoint a guardian;

Ran twice/year outside New York City;

Created under Duke's Laws;

All wills registered in New York at the Office of the Secretary of the Province;

In New York City wills registered at Mayor's Court

Court of Sessions of the Peace     1691 - 1896

Jurisdiction over criminal matters;

Merged into county courts

Courts of Session (or General Session)      1777 - 1847

Jurisdiction over criminal matters;

Circuit division of the Supreme Court of the Judicature;

Appeals to Supreme Court of Judicature

Courts of Special Sessions      ? - 1896

Jurisdiction over criminal matters;

Appeals to Supreme Court General Term to 1824;

Appeals to Court of Common Pleas after 1824;

Abolished 1896 - merged to County Courts