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Cayuga County Probation Department
Court House, 3rd Floor
152-154 Genesee Street
Auburn, New York 13021
Phone (315)253-1246
Probation Director - Bernie Newcomb

Mission Statement

The Cayuga County Probation Departmentís Mission Statement is to provide Presentence & Pre-Dispositional Investigations & Reports to aid all the Courtís in Cayuga County and New York State in sentencing; supervise persons sentenced to or placed on probation while attempting to protect the public and rehabilitate the offender and provide intake services to Family Court.

The department shall accomplish the above in an efficient, cost-effective and quality manner with all legal and constitutional requirements and consistent with the Rules & Regulations of the New York State Office of Probation & Correctional Alternatives.

Mandated Services

The Probation Department provides a multitude of state-mandated services. Pursuant to the New York State Executive Law, Article 12-A, Section 256, each County shall “maintain a probation agency to perform probation services therein, including intake, investigation, presentence reports, supervision, conciliation, social treatment and other substitute functions as are assigned to probation agencies pursuant to law.”

The functions of intake, investigation and supervision are performed under the oversight of the New York State Office of Probation & Correctional Alternatives.  Probation Officers and other staff work from the main office located on the third floor of the annex of the Cayuga County Courthouse and conduct extensive field work throughout Cayuga County and the City of Auburn. 

There are also 3 satellite reporting stations located in strategic parts of the County to give the opportunity to probationers who lack transportation to allow them to meet their reporting requirements.  These offices have been established in Moravia Village Court, Sterling Town Court, and Brutus Town Court. 

All Probation Officers are trained to provide all mandated services to the Courts.  Probation Officers are Peace Officers pursuant to New York State Law.   The Probation Department consists of the Probation Director, Probation Supervisor, 4 Senior Probation Officers, 4 Probation Officers and 4 Clerical Staff. 

Client and Service Summary


In 2011, the Probation Department conducted 412 Intakes through Family Court.  This consisted of 200 PINS (Persons in Need of Supervision), 81 Juvenile Delinquency Intakes charging felonies and misdemeanors, and 131 family offenses for those persons seeking an Order of Protection for domestic violence and/or harassment. This averaged to 52 Intakes per Probation Officer.


In 2011, the Probation Officers conducted 580 Presentence and Pre-Dispositional Investigations for Criminal & Family Court.  This averaged out to 73 Investigations per Probation Officer.


During 2011, the Probation Department supervised on average between 660 and 690 probationers.  Average caseloads are 84 probationers per Probation Officer.  During 2011, we received 397 new cases for probation supervision and closed 421 cases.  The department supervised probationers from 106 different Courts in New York and included 13 probationers who transferred here from out of state.  The department supervises probationers from Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Massachusetts.
DWI probationers make up the largest percentage of caseloads, and there has been an increase in supervising those persons convicted of domestic violence crimes.  Probation Officers also supervise 54 Registered Sex Offenders, 17 Sex Offenders with Youthful Offender adjudications and 17 probationers who have been convicted of Endangering the Welfare of a Child as a result of originally being charged with a sex offense.  This brings that total up to 84 probationers with criminal sexual behavior. 

In 2011, the Probation Department filed 114 Violations of Probation, although many other probationers faced Violations of Probation on the Court’s own motions.  This was the result of their participation and noncompliance with our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Courts.

In 2011, the Probation Officers conducted 8,750 home visits working both day shifts and evening shifts.  During the course of the year, the Probation Officers administered 4,538 alco-sensor tests (breathalyzers) on probationers with conditions to abstain from the use of alcohol.  Probation Officers also conducted urine and saliva drug tests on an as needed basis.  The Probation Officers also participated in the field sobriety checks with local law enforcement working the road blocks on various occasions.  Three Probation Officers also see their probationers 1 night a month at Moravia Village Court, Sterling Town Court and Brutus Town Court.

In 2011, the Probation Department also received commendations from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and also from the Office of Probation & Correctional Alternatives for collecting DNA on offenders sentenced to probation and also for exceeding the 21 hours of annual required training for each Probation Officer.  Professional Staff averaged 28.9 training hours per person.

In 2011, the Probation Department collected $104,870.82 in restitution and surcharges and disbursed $99,142.81 to victims of crimes; $5,728.01 was collected as revenue to the County.

The Probation Department also provided speakers to Cayuga Community College Criminal Justice Classes and New Visions Class from our local high schools.  We also provided an Internship for a student from Cortland State University who was a resident of Union Springs, N.Y., who is pursuing a career in Criminal Justice.  The Probation Department also hosted an Area 1 (Western, N.Y.) District Meeting for Probation Directors at the Cayuga County Courthouse.

Bernard W. Newcomb, Probation Director
Cayuga County Probation Department

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